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Talk of reviving the brand as a ghost kitchen (a restaurant with no dining room that only exists for online pickup and delivery orders) faded in 2022. By the late 1970s, there were more than 800 locations nationwide — down to two in 2021 and one this year. as talk show host Merv Griffin's sidekick in the mid- to late 1960s. Arthur Treacher was a British actor who made a name in the U.S. Treacher cashed in on his fame by lending his name to this Ohio-based fast-food chain, which opened its first restaurant in Columbus in 1969.

There is a video tutorial for using zSide and a Drivenet written tutorial with many screenshots and a tutorial specific for adding sidechains . has binaries for the Drivenet mainchain and 4 sidechain implementations that can be attached, including the zSide sidechain, a Zcash fork. GitHub has code for the the mainchain and the simple sidechains , while the code for zSide is on GitLab.

It was the first to introduce a kid's meal (the Funmeal) and even offered a condiment bar where you dress your burger the way you wanted. But General Foods could never catch up with Mickey D's or their other rival, Burger King, and in 1982, it sold the chain to the parent company of another burger chain, Hardee's. The new owners quickly began converting the remaining 600 or so Burger Chefs to Hardee's, leaving nothing but tasty memories, even making its way into Season 7 of "Mad Men." Like rival McDonald's, Burger Chef offered a double burger (the Top Shef) and a quarter-pounder (the Super Shef). In 1968, the Thomas brothers sold out to General Foods, which continued to expand aggressively across the U.S., peaking in the early '70s with more than 1,000 outlets.

imageScalability : Sidechains can scale Bitcoin horizontally. This is sharding done right. Decentralization : By using sidechains for scalability and features we can keep the Bitcoin chain small and lightweight, and maybe even reduce its block size. Even without any new features, just by copying the Bitcoin code multiple times its scale is multiplied, bitcoin and without burdening the main chain. Plus, using a Lightning Network overlay on top of all the chains we can achieve easy interoperability. Security : By turning all block fees from a sidechain into a single transaction with a ton of fees to the Bitcoin miners, hashrate is increased, mining is more decentralized the Bitcoin chain is more secure. It's also possible to take proven scalability technology invented elsewhere and apply it to Bitcoin directly through sidechains. It's the solution to the complicated and unsolved problem of the shrinking block reward. Privacy : by making it quick and cheap to use Zcash, Mimblewimble and Monero-like sidechains, Bitcoin users have their privacy instantly improved without the need for costly and cumbersome and barely effective coinjoin methods. And then users of either combination of sidechains can choose the sidechain they want to run, but they will always have to run the Bitcoin mainchain anyway (which will be easy for them).

A mechanism defined by BIP300 that allows people to send money to specific sidechain "buckets" on the mainchain, and then block producers to vote over a long period of 3~6 months to authorize withdrawals back from that bucket. There is also an alternative, compatible proposal .

For bitcoin instance, Howard Johnson's, with its iconic 28 ice cream varieties? Gone — in fact, the very last surviving location of the once-ubiquitous chain just shut down, marking the end of an era. Americans have been dining out for as long as there's been a United States, but it wasn't until after World War II that fast-food and sit-down restaurant chains became part of the national fabric. These and other beloved restaurants may be gone from our roadsides, shopping malls, and suburbs, but they are definitely not forgotten. Over the decades, tastes have changed, and not all of our favorite restaurants have kept pace.

Why I Invested in Blockstream , 2014 post on why sidechains matter, by Reid Hoffman Drivechain, explanation and overview, by fiatjaf All About Drivechains , a Van Wirdum Sjorsnado podcast episode with Ruben Somsen Drivechains vs Sidechains , an explanation from Sergio Damien Lerner on how Drivechain is an strict improvement over SPV sidechains (from the Blockstream whitepaper ). A response to the "miners can steal" critique of Drivechain , by John Light Another response to the "miners can steal" critique of Drivechain , by John Light A big Ethereum problem that is fixed by Drivechain , BNB on how Drivechain itself can be seen as a better "smart contracts platform" than Ethereum and related shitcoins.

imageA financial transaction PHP API : Calls that let the logged in user handle their cryptocurrencies. Data is held on tables in your MySQL database. Simple shortcodes : These let you display frontend UI elements to let logged-in users perform the following common tasks: A JSON API : JSON requests of the above, for logged in users. Accounting for your users.

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